Rock CF Kicks Back


The Rock CF Kicks Back Program was started by the Rock CF Foundation in 2013 to provide cystic fibrosis patients with the means and inspiration to experience the powerful benefits of exercise.

Providing the new Kicks isn’t enough though. By registering them for a running race of their choice, this program also empowers patients to set and accomplish goals, which helps build confidence and feeling less isolated. Exercise also helps reduce symptoms of depression and stress, which is more prevalent in CF patients. One in three patients twelve years old and younger have high levels of anxiety and about 11 percent have symptoms of depression. In adult patients, about 36 percent are anxious and 11 percent have elevated symptoms of depression.

Kicks Back also help by continuing inspiration in those who have an already existing exercise routine but need financial help to supplement the cost of staying healthy.

Rock CF works with the 110 Nationwide Cystic Fibrosis Care centers to select patients to participate in the program. Patients or Parents of CF kids may also download the Kicks Back application from the Rock CF website, but it must be ok’d and signed off by their CF physician.

Improving or maintaining lung function, reduction in hospitalizations, and a general feeling of good health are what drives Kicks Back. We want every patient with CF to join in our race against CF.

Together we will outrun cystic fibrosis.

“Thank you so much for providing me with this opportunity, I needed new shoes to work out in and really could not afford them being on a fixed disability income and working out is such an important component to my health! “- CF Adult